Preet Kalsi

Introduction to Music Therapy



Preet Kalsi is a licensed and certified practising music therapist in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. She has been practising for 19 years and her areas of clinical practise are mental health and mental illness, addiction, disability, neurologic and palliative care, for children, adults and the elderly. She runs an outpatient music therapy clinic at Jesselton Medical Centre, as visiting consultant, and conducts sessions and workshops in the community. She is also a drum circle facilitator.

About Preet

About Preet's Workshop

The workshop will introduce participants to music therapy as a creative arts therapy, as a non-pharmacological treatment modality, the training and practice of a music therapist, music therapy methods, evidence based research, and the exploration of pulse, rhythm, texture, and tempo in music therapy. This is an experiential workshop where participants will be expected to fully participate. This workshop will also explore the use of music beyond therapy treatment and the use of rhythm for movement and in community work.

Workshop Details

Date      28 - 29 April 2019 (Sunday - Monday)
Time      10.00am - 5.30pm
Venue   Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara