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USA (EST): 8.30pm, Fri

USA (PST): 5.30pm, Fri

UK (BST): 1.30am, Sat

Europe (CET): 2.30am, Sat

India (IST): 6.00am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 9.30am, Sat

Australia (ACST): 10.00am, Sat

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Saturday, 8 May


USA (EST): 9.00pm, Fri

USA (PST): 6.00pm, Fri

UK (BST): 2.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 3.00am, Sat

India (IST): 6.30am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 10.00am, Sat

Australia (ACST): 10.30am, Sat

Keynote: Jeni Swerdlow

Lights! Camera! …Action?? Effective Strategies for Facilitating Rhythmical Expression and Connection Online


USA (EST): 10.00pm, Fri

USA (PST): 7.00pm, Fri

UK (BST): 3.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 4.00am, Sat

India (IST): 7.30am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 11.00am, Sat

Australia (ACST): 11.30am, Sat

Kumi Masunaga

Drumming for Health


USA (EST): 11.00pm, Fri

USA (PST): 8.00pm, Fri

UK (BST): 4.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 5.00am, Sat

India (IST): 8.30am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 12.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 12.30pm, Sat

Short Break


USA (EST): 11.15pm, Fri

USA (PST): 8.15pm, Fri

UK (BST): 4.15am, Sat

Europe (CET): 5.15am, Sat

India (IST): 8.45am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 12.15pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 12.45pm, Sat

Breakout Session 1

1. Shan Moorthi  -  

DCFs as Community Builders and Coaching Facilitators

2. Amber Field -

Free Your Voice While Drumming

3. Drum Room

4. Chill Room 


USA (EST): 12.00am, Sat

USA (PST): 9.00pm, Fri

UK (BST): 5.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 6.00am, Sat

India (IST): 9.30am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 1.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 1.30pm, Sat

Aaron Kierbel

Bloom on Zoom


USA (EST): 1.00am, Sat

USA (PST): 10.00pm, Fri

UK (BST): 6.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 7.00am, Sat

India (IST): 10.30am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 2.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 2.30pm, Sat

Lunch Break 


USA (EST): 2.00am, Sat

USA (PST): 11.00pm, Fri

UK (BST): 7.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 8.00am, Sat

India (IST): 11.30am, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 3.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 3.30pm, Sat

TomTom Yokota 

Let's Play Taiko!


USA (EST): 3.00am, Sat

USA (PST): 12.00am, Sat

UK (BST): 8.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 9.00am, Sat

India (IST): 12.30pm, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 4.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 4.30pm, Sat

K. Michelle Lewis

Intergrating Mindfulness Practices into Drum Circles


USA (EST): 4.00am, Sat

USA (PST): 1.00am, Sat

UK (BST): 9.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 10.00am, Sat

India (IST): 1.30pm, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 5.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 5.30pm, Sat

Paul John Dear

Welcome to the World of

Expressive Rhythm Stories


USA (EST): 5.00am, Sat

USA (PST): 2.00am, Sat

UK (BST): 10.00am, Sat

Europe (CET): 11.00am, Sat

India (IST): 2.30pm, Sat

Japan/S.Korea: 6.00pm, Sat

Australia (ACST): 6.30pm, Sat

Late Night and Social Breakouts

Sunday, 9 May


USA (EST): 8.30pm, Sat

USA (PST): 5.30pm, Sat

UK (BST): 1.30am, Sun

Europe (CET): 2.30am, Sun

India (IST): 6.00am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 9.30am, Sun

Australia (ACST): 10.00am, Sun

Morning Energizers


USA (EST): 9.00pm, Sat

USA (PST): 6.00pm, Sat

UK (BST): 2.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 3.00am, Sun

India (IST): 6.30am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 10.00am, Sun

Australia (ACST): 10.30am, Sun

Ping Ho

Beat the Odds® -

Drumming for  Resilience


USA (EST): 10.00pm, Sat

USA (PST): 7.00pm, Sat

UK (BST): 3.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 4.00am, Sun

India (IST): 7.30am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 11.00am, Sun

Australia (ACST): 11.30am, Sun

Jim Boneau

Rising to the Times: Facilitating the Elevation of Human Spirit & Potential


USA (EST): 11.00pm, Sat

USA (PST): 8.00pm, Sat

UK (BST): 4.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 5.00am, Sun

India (IST): 8.30am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 12.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 12.30pm, Sun

Short Break


USA (EST): 11.15pm, Sat

USA (PST): 8.15pm, Sat

UK (BST): 4.15am, Sun

Europe (CET): 5.15am, Sun

India (IST): 8.45am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 12.15pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 12.45pm, Sun

Breakout Session 2

1. Georgia Vanessa Colombo - Rhythm is Easy: Drum, Clap, Dance, Sing, Laugh! 

2. Drum Room

3. Chill Room


USA (EST): 12.00am, Sun

USA (PST): 9.00pm, Sat

UK (BST): 5.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 6.00am, Sun

India (IST): 9.30am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 1.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 1.30pm, Sun

Solinda Bautista

Variations on the Theme of Rhythm Facilitation: Perspectives from Manila


USA (EST): 1.00am, Sun

USA (PST): 10.00pm, Sat

UK (BST): 6.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 7.00am, Sun

India (IST): 10.30am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 2.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 2.30pm, Sun

Lunch Break 


USA (EST): 2.00am, Sun

USA (PST): 11.00pm, Sat

UK (BST): 7.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 8.00am, Sun

India (IST): 11.30am, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 3.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 3.30pm, Sun

Arthur Hull

Rebuilding Communities with



USA (EST): 3.00am, Sun

USA (PST): 12.00am, Sun

UK (BST): 8.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 9.00am, Sun

India (IST): 12.30pm, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 4.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 4.30pm, Sun

Stefano Baroni

We Are Music!!


USA (EST): 4.00am, Sun

USA (PST): 1.00am, Sun

UK (BST): 9.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 10.00am, Sun

India (IST): 1.30pm, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 5.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 5.30pm, Sun

Santi Carcasona

The Kitchen Groove


USA (EST): 5.00am, Sun

USA (PST): 2.00am, Sun

UK (BST): 10.00am, Sun

Europe (CET): 11.00am, Sun

India (IST): 2.30pm, Sun

Japan/S.Korea: 6.00pm, Sun

Australia (ACST): 6.30pm, Sun

Late Night and Social Breakouts